Our BusinessWe offer a comprehensive trading solution that enables our clients to feel confident that their options and equities orders are handled in the most efficient and professional way possible.

What We Do

Dynamex Trading specializes in executing options and equities orders for the institutional trading community. We put our fundamental understanding of the options markets, depth of experience, extensive network of liquidity providers and advanced proprietary technology to work for you. We have a strong and independent presence in the options market, offering clients anonymity and competitive execution. Our goal is to deliver a best in class trading solution for our clients and to act as an outsourced options trading desk for firms without them.

Risk Mitigation and Alpha Enhancement Strategies

Dynamex provides their customers with customized strategies to hedge off directional or volatility risk in individual equities, sector ETF’s, and broad market indices. We can also suggest methods for you to best incorporate VIX options into your portfolio, as we are well versed in the product and understand its intricacies well. In addition, our Alpha enhancement strategies strive to help portfolio managers generate that additional return that could be the difference in bringing more assets into their funds. Overwrites, straddles, strangles, and more complex strategies can be provided upon request, tailored to fit your unique and specific needs.

Trading Process

Our traders work closely with our clients to craft positions based on that clients research, directional bias, volatility and hedging needs. We then find liquidity for your trades through our extensive client base, consisting of upstairs and floor based market makers, banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. Once your trade is executed, we continue to provide insights and ideas to optimize your trading objectives. We monitor your position risk and exposure levels and make sure your original goals are still being met by your trading strategies.

Market Color

Dynamex traders offer some of the best market color around and our information is always timely and targeted to our clients’ expressed interests. Whether it is a large trade just executed in the pits or if we feel that premiums start to spike in certain sectors, we help provide transparency regarding market events and trends.

Services and rates are tailored to the client’s market and execution requirements and trading volume. Dynamex provides access to US equity and options markets. Our institutional team offers years of successful relationship management, anticipating and meeting your needs.