Dynamex’s objective is to use its network of resources to get you the best execution and to provide you with price improvement. We know that when it comes to trading options, every penny counts. Our goal is to fill your order better than the NBBO (National Best Bid & Offer). What does your current broker do? Take the time to ask if your trades are being done by an agency only desk or if they are being internalized. Here’s the difference:

Say, for example, a client wants to trade a spread with 1000 contracts. This client gives us a limit order and wants to be filled for $1. A broker that internalizes the trade stands to profit by acting as the counterparty. At Dynamex, as an agency only desk, our goal is to execute the trade for less than the $1 requested by our client. Often times we might be able to save serious money. If we can fill the $1 order for $.95 cents, we can save the client around $5,000 on their trade. This is standard operating procedure at Dynamex.